Anna-Nicole Ziesche made the film Infinite Repetition in her last MA Fashion year, which meant for her a shift towards film and performance. The film suggested not only a new way of communicating fashion but also revealing a process of continuously developing designs and shapes and therefore, could be perceived as a ‘design tool’. It showed the designer ANZ, designing and performing an infinite number of possible garments in front of an audience. 
At that time ANZ attempted to provide a different perspective within fashion and art, which she described as fashion practice. Her fascination for repetitive movements or recurrent situations in daily life led her to develop the term ‘Infinite Repetition’. The routine of getting dressed and undressed, which everyone performs at least once a day, particularly interested her. The term ‘Infinite Repetition’ has become a kind of leitmotif for her in that her work often represents continuing cycles with no end.